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Making An Easy, Quick And FREE Business Promo Video

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Video Editing Software Programs

There are several different programs that you could use to edit video clips taken on your phone, video camera or web cam to make a simple business promotional mini-movie, but if you want something that’s REALLY EASY to use, QUICK TO MAKE and FREE TO DOWNLOAD, the one I recommend using is Windows Movie Maker (which is probably already on your computer …

… If you have Windows XP or Vista) for more details see Where To get Windows Movie Maker.
… If you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 8, the newer versions of Windows LIVE Movie Maker are even easier, quicker and still FREE.

Don’t Have Much Experience Making Mini Movies?

That doesn’t matter at all. In fact, here’s why I recommend it. Movie Maker is an excellent video editor and very easy to learn. It automates the process for you and is possibly the simplest and most user-friendly video editor available today … and it’s FREE. Have a look at this business promotion video made in only one hour with a little bit of fairly average video and a few still digital photographs – and it looks sensational.

Want To Make A Quick Promo Video For Your Business Too?

Then get out your smartphone or a video camera, print up your business logo, take a few relevant photographs or search for images off the internet, grab your favorite music or even a microphone to record your own voice, and you’re on your way. Before you know it you’ll be as proud as a Hollywood movie producer and have something useful to upload to YouTube and add on your website. Make it fun!



Making A Quick Business Promo Video

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When I needed to make a quick promotional mini movie for a local boxing trainer on The Gold Coast yesterday, I used the FREE version of Windows Live Movie Maker and whipped this up in about an hour – pretty good considering I haven’t done any video editing at all since 2008.

Back then, I was making Vision Movies just for fun and learned so much over that time I created a little website to store all the information, tips, fixes for problems and useful articles that I was accumulating as I was playing around. Then a few days ago I found the need to make this Movie in a promotional style, so downloaded the new version of  Windows LIVE Movie Maker (that comes free with the microsoft essentials pack) – and found it to be even better than before.

If I can make a quick, effective, concise, powerful,
useful and meaningful business promo
with Window LIVE Movie Maker …

Yes it could use some fine tuning, but when I saw the fabulous special effect that the “CINEMATIC” auto movie theme gave me after only an hour, I was thrilled to say the least.

TO MAKE THE PROMO CLIP COHESIVE – I applied a black and white effect.

TO KEEP THE VIDEO COMPILATION BALANCED – I made sure the text appeared at the same place on each screen.

TO MAKE THE PRESENTATION MORE POWERFUL – I added a punchy piece of music.


Fun Goal Setting

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Whenever I want to achieve something important to me, I collect pictures of things I love, words that inspire me, an empowering piece of music and put them all together into a “mind movie” or “mini movie” or “vision movie“.

To this day, every time I play the mini movie I’m posting below it picks me up and reminds me who I really am, what delightful pleasures I want to include in my life, where I intend to focus from now on and how good I choose to feel in this moment.

I understand the importance of
no matter what I’m doing.

What Makes YOU Feel Good?

Writing a song or a poem, making a quilt or mosaic, drawing a picture, meditating, walking on the beach, making love, painting a picture? These are all “tools” to help you feel good … and when you feel good, your dreams, visions and goals come even closer. Research show that only 4% of the population write down or record their goals. I suspect many people think they have to put time and effort into getting what they want, yet I find it more important to take the time to FEEL GOOD first, and then the best action to take next, is simply inspired.

I do more than just imagine what I want.
I like to utilize as many senses as I can!

So I Create A Vision Movie!

Creating my own Vision Movie’ makes me think about what I really want my life to be like. It’s always fun to make and most importantly, pleasurable to watch. Sometimes I use other “vision tools” too. I’ve done some decoupage on my guitar (which is a simple process of sticking pictures on to the surface and then sealing with a special glue found in craft stores) and I’ve also created several Vision Movies, montages or Slide Show Presentations using Windows LIVE Movie Maker.

I AM the creator,the star,
the producer, the director
and the movie maker of my life!

How Good Does It Feel?

When I play my guitar it makes me feel like the star in my pictures. When I watch my Vision Movies, they make me feel like I am part of the movie and give me a sense of euphoria – every time. As I keep these “vision tools” in view and interact with them on a daily basis, I notice my life changing rapidly to fit the vision. Of course I still need to take action to make my life the way I want it, but starting a new habit of playing guitar, taking daily walks on the beach and watching my special inspiring movies everyday, was a great place to begin. Which reminds me of some very wise words.

“Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

I Make It A Daily Habit!

For a long time, I was unaware of how powerful these “vision tools” could be in my life and I resisted making them … but not any more! Maybe it’s time for you to include a fun and positive habit in your daily tasks too.

NOTE: This vision movie was made in 2008 and I’ve since upgrade my movie editing program AND my video editing skills, but it never takes away from the euphoric feeling I get what I watch it – enjoy!

The Happy Movie

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Something To Make You Smile

This little mini movie was created quite a while ago in 2008 when I’d only just bought a computer so this was my first venture with Windows Movie Maker. But you can’t take away from the impact that a catchy piece of music and a few happy baby pictures play in lifting up your emotions.

This happy, cute and fun little home made mini-movie shows the different transitions that can be used with the older original versions of Windows Movie Maker. If you still have the old version and want some extra tips, tricks and fixes for the common problems you might encounter, just go to

Just recently I needed to make use movie maker again to edit some video footage taken on my Samsung Galaxy S4. So I had to reeducate myself all over again about how to use it properly and make the most of the extra great features and visual effects. Consequently, I found the need to launch all that new information on another website to provide help, solutions and useful tutorials for the NEW versions of Windows LIVE Movie Maker. That one is mini-movie-maker and I’m really pleased with how it’s evolving.

Anyway, for now, I felt like something to life my mood even higher. Enjoy!