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How To Make A Simple Yet Powerful Motivational Video

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Creating a video that’s moving, emotive, empowering, interesting and attractive is easier than most people probably think it is. You don’t have to be an experienced movie maker or even particularly good at shooting video footage to make a professional looking presentation – in fact, all you need is a PASSION for whatever your subject will be. So what is it that YOU are passionate about?

STEP 1 – Decide on a mood or emotion for your project.

Do you want it to feel happy, inspiring, funny, silly, sad, poignant, exciting, passionate, lovely, warm, stimulating, euphoric etc.

STEP 2 – Choose music to fit the mood.

Not much stimulates emotion as quickly as music, that’s why it’s often used prominently in movies, advertising, elevators, shopping centers, babies rooms and your car.

STEP 3 – Find or write some quotes/words/poetry that’s meaningful to you.

What simple words might fit with the mood/emotion that dominates your project?

STEP 4 – Take photos, find images or shoot video footage to suit.

If you need inspiration, you might find it useful to do a google image search for the mood/emotion you’ve chosen and see what comes up. Google images inspire me regularly and when I see something I like, it helps me to focus my attention on taking my own original pictures or shooting easy video. While some people are born creative, others can use a little extra help.

Step 6 – Research what’s HOT on YouTube.

I pulled this highly motivational video out to show you how simply it’s been made. With basic video footage, some screenshots and/or still digital photos and it could have easily been compiled on a free video editing program too. There’s nothing fancy going on here yet the intended effect has been achieved.

Words can be added in text on the screen or with a simple voice narration. (If you don’t like the sound of your own voice, get someone else to do the voice over for you). Put it all together and see what you come up with.  Take a look at this list of SOME OF THE BEST FREE VIDEO EDITORS if you don’t already have one.

When you’re feeling really good, the right words will come, the right pictures will be obvious, the right people will show up. If this is something you’d like to be able to do yourself – just give it a go – you’ll probably surprise yourself more than you know. Enjoy!