Photo Story Versus Movie Maker

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It’s funny…I have an entire website devoted to making mini movies using Windows Movie Maker including tutorials and fixes for any problems that might occur…then I tried Photo Story.

And that’s really the END of the story, because Photo Story wins hands down.

The main differences are that the pan and zoom effects can be controlled, the automated video feature presets are good enough for a professional finish and it doesn’t crash or freeze like Movie Maker does. It’s a fantastic way to add life, depth and movement to your digital photos. It walks you through the process of adding background music and narrating your own moving slide show. The step-by-step instructions are simply excellent.

Photo Story is free to download from the Microsoft website, provided you have a valid copy of Windows…and it’s so simple to use my 9 year old daughter introduced me to it. The help program is easy to access and answers all the questions you could ask.

Well, I won’t need to make any tutorials or create a new website for Photo Story…at this point, I can’t fault it!