Long List Of Free Sharing Sites To Upload Videos

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A video sharing site is where you can upload your videos, automatically turn them into a format that’s easier to view all around the world on a myriad of different operating systems, platforms and devices. They’re generally better optimized for search engines as you can add “tags” and descriptions that are usually indexed well by google. Then you can more effortlessly share them over the internet with family and friends, workmates, potential customers and have them viewable by the world audience.

You have control over who sees your videos. Most people allow everyone to find them. Some keep the links private and only accessible if they’ve been given permission by you. Most of these sites also provide an embed code so you can put them on your blog or website (just as we have done on our pages) or you may use the link to display in your e-mails etc.

Here is an updated list of some of the best and most popular video sharing/podcast sharing sites that I am currently aware of.


– Now owned by Google, is the most popular video sharing website in the world. Its enormous database attracts millions of visitors everyday and sharing videos is easy. If you upload your content to only one web site, it should be YouTube. Videos may be rated and comments on each video is encouraged. Only one disadvantage was that, they choose the thumbnail that displays your video to the world and it usually was the one right in the center of your movie … NOW we get to choose from a selection of thumbnails. This site appeals to most people. Professional businesses tend to use other options for increased quality, storage, privacy and other options.


– Another free and easy service for sharing videos with friends and family. Recently launched, this website unfortunately does not bring anything new to the table. Still, as part of a complete promotion, it’s a good idea that you post your video here.


– Veoh is now an Internet television service that hosts studio content, independent productions and user-generated material. Once you become a member you can upload videos of any length and embed them wherever you want. You can also freely download any of the videos posted. There is a special section for music videos. But Veoh.com is not that special from other video-sharing platforms, except that it offers the chance to get the VeohPlayer, so users can download videos from thousands of websites and watch them at anytime they wish. They also offer a service where you can upload each video once through them and then select the option to syndicate to YouTube and MySpace all in one easy action. Their video quality and skin appears to be more attractive than others (though it’s always a matter of personal taste) and they also give you an option where you can choose from a variety of thumbnails to be the main display for your clip. In 2010, it was announced that Qlipso bought Veoh for an undisclosed sum. One big advantage is that Veoh accepts hundreds of different formats and has an extensive community for you to participate in.


– Vevo is a good place for all music artists and great music lovers. Singers, performers, stars and musicians can all use the site to promote their videos while people who enjoy listening to music will be likely to find cool new bands to suit their taste. The quality is usually very high, so you can watch new videos quite easily on a TV. Unfortunately, the site blocks some regions from watching certain videos. The biggest downside is that various ads are attached to all your videos. It’s impossible to opt out of them, now is it possible to choose what kind of ads to show.


– Brightcove is no longer a free service but it’s a nice looking video sharing site that is easy to use. The company’s products include Video Cloud, the market-leading online video platform, Zencoder, a leading cloud-based media processing service and HTML5 video player technology provider and Once, a cloud-based ad insertion and video stitching service. I was a big fan of their quality when it was free to use, but as it is now used by some big brand companies like Puma and Hugo Boss, I’m assuming their services are still very good.


– Videos uploaded to MySpace may be shared and posted to MySpace profiles other than your own, so take advantage of this by uploading your content and letting your circle of friends know. The majority of people on MySpace are not using video and it tends to attract a younger audience.


– A great site for video bloggers, users can set up your own “blog” quickly and drive traffic to it by posting videos from several different categories. Because of this, your video needs to be here.

AOL Video

– The video section from aol.com contains a large variety of videos from both commercial and non-commercial providers. Very easy to use, due to the simplicity of its design and strong search options, AOL Video easily allows users to find the latest news about their your favorite musicians and bands.


– A video-sharing platform built and committed to the artist, Revver has the best sound and video quality of any video sharing site on this list.


– Metacafe is another popular media and video sharing community. Unlike other major video-sharing platforms, Metacafe offers a desktop application, mainly targeted at users who are downloading several videos per week. With more than 40 million unique viewers every month you can find categories such as video games, sports, music, movies and TV. Apparently MetaCafe implements a special ranking algorithm that ensures that the uploaded videos are of high quality and they don’t host duplicate videos. Each video can be uploaded only once. The most popular advantage of Metacafe is that it pays people to actually post videos. If your content is popular among users and your video hits 20.000 views, Metacafe will pay you $5 for every 1,000 views. That’s ingenious, and great incentive.

Daily Motion

– is a French based video-sharing website to view, browse and upload videos by searching tags, channels, or user-created groups. One of the issues here is that length of the video files is limited to 2 GB and the time frame to 60 minutes. Also the upload quality to regular users is limited to 1280 x 720. Mosy regular users don’t seem to really care, and Dailymotion can be a good competitor to YouTube. Nothing special here except the videos are sorted in groups, which make it easy to browse and find what you are looking for. Simple by design, Daily Motion contains a numerous variety of videos, from music videos, to non-entertainment topics such as science and technology.


– Another video-sharing platform that allows you to edit and mix your videos. You can easily upload your videos, photos, and audios, but what’s more interesting is that you can make your own “movie” with Jumpcut editor.


– is heavily populated by photographers, both professional and just for fun, but for many years now Flickr has offered and provided hosting for videos as well. There are also two types of account: a free and a paid one. A free Flickr account allows you to upload 2 videos per month with restrictions of 90 seconds max, and 150mb in size. With a paid membership account, you can upload as much videos as you want, but the same video size and length restrictions apply.


– Primarily for music videos, BuzzNet also gives users access to the latest news in the world of music.


– is a surprisingly popular website mainly known for its funny videos, movie clips and silly pictures. Break accepts major video formats, such as AVI, WMV, MPG and MOV. Limitations on the videos state they must be no bigger than 60mb. There are three different ways to upload videos to Break: right on the website page, from your mobile or cell phone or by sending in a video via email. You can also add photo albums here as well as video.


– This attractive, easy-to-navigate site has several options which are great for promoting independent music. If you like to create your own slide shows, you can get an easy-to-use creator, Photo Jockey 180. Uploading videos is very intuitive, as well.


– Blinkx is a video search engine which allows users across the world to search through the entire Web for the videos they want. Users can also browse through a large variety of categories like world news, entertainment, business, sport, and user generated videos.


– This is a publishing and promotion platform where users may publish audio and video podcasts, customizable streaming mp3 and video sites, news feeds, shareable streaming radio channels, and more. A free FeedPlayer is available to download which can play, share, and promote podcasts immediately. Add the ability to stream, podcast & make viral the audio & video files that reside on your website or elsewhere on the web.


– A fairly new one you might like to try with a live and On-demand cloud streaming service, VBOSS, provides organizations with everything they need to broadcast live to audiences — wherever they’re located, and whether they’re watching on PCs, Macs, tablets or smartphones. At the same time, it increases control over content: the administrator controls who can access content, and how that content is delivered.


– Upload and share your videos, embed them into your blog or website just like most of the others but with a function where you can record directly to the website by using your web cam. The facility to tag specific moments within a video enables you to post comments relating to that particular moment. Viddler is most commonly used now by businesses and professionals as they provide a superb paid service giving you extra security options and high quality that the others do not.

Republished with permission from Where To Upload Your Videos – at mini-movie-maker.net


Fun Goal Setting

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Whenever I want to achieve something important to me, I collect pictures of things I love, words that inspire me, an empowering piece of music and put them all together into a “mind movie” or “mini movie” or “vision movie“.

To this day, every time I play the mini movie I’m posting below it picks me up and reminds me who I really am, what delightful pleasures I want to include in my life, where I intend to focus from now on and how good I choose to feel in this moment.

I understand the importance of
no matter what I’m doing.

What Makes YOU Feel Good?

Writing a song or a poem, making a quilt or mosaic, drawing a picture, meditating, walking on the beach, making love, painting a picture? These are all “tools” to help you feel good … and when you feel good, your dreams, visions and goals come even closer. Research show that only 4% of the population write down or record their goals. I suspect many people think they have to put time and effort into getting what they want, yet I find it more important to take the time to FEEL GOOD first, and then the best action to take next, is simply inspired.

I do more than just imagine what I want.
I like to utilize as many senses as I can!

So I Create A Vision Movie!

Creating my own Vision Movie’ makes me think about what I really want my life to be like. It’s always fun to make and most importantly, pleasurable to watch. Sometimes I use other “vision tools” too. I’ve done some decoupage on my guitar (which is a simple process of sticking pictures on to the surface and then sealing with a special glue found in craft stores) and I’ve also created several Vision Movies, montages or Slide Show Presentations using Windows LIVE Movie Maker.

I AM the creator,the star,
the producer, the director
and the movie maker of my life!

How Good Does It Feel?

When I play my guitar it makes me feel like the star in my pictures. When I watch my Vision Movies, they make me feel like I am part of the movie and give me a sense of euphoria – every time. As I keep these “vision tools” in view and interact with them on a daily basis, I notice my life changing rapidly to fit the vision. Of course I still need to take action to make my life the way I want it, but starting a new habit of playing guitar, taking daily walks on the beach and watching my special inspiring movies everyday, was a great place to begin. Which reminds me of some very wise words.

“Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

I Make It A Daily Habit!

For a long time, I was unaware of how powerful these “vision tools” could be in my life and I resisted making them … but not any more! Maybe it’s time for you to include a fun and positive habit in your daily tasks too.

NOTE: This vision movie was made in 2008 and I’ve since upgrade my movie editing program AND my video editing skills, but it never takes away from the euphoric feeling I get what I watch it – enjoy!

Making A Video Promotion

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I’ve uploaded numerous videos of my own to YouTube and other video sharing sites. There are no winning recipes for what type of videos will get you traffic. I’ve seen some really valuable and well produced videos with hardly any views and the most ridiculous ones with an enormous fan base – go figure … and it’s a good idea to drive/attract people TO your videos as well …. You can’t just ‘publish and run’.

Just as writing articles, leaving posts on forums and blogs are useful tools for getting a website noticed, so is looking at other people’s videos and leaving comments for them. You can also post ‘video responses’ to get more attention.

Whatever you choose, you still have to ‘work at it’. But video making is great fun and also under utilized for marketing purposes.

When I saw this video I knew I had to share it with you.

This guy, Kevin Nalts, makes a video every day and publishes it on YouTube so he’s probably one of the best experts to be able to bring you some great advice on not only how to cheat on YouTube, but more importantly he gives you the clues as to “How To Get Noticed On YouTube”. (You’ll note that even his title with the word CHEAT in it, tends to build up your curiosity)

A few other ways to get more social media attention are:

  • Select your strongest keywords in the title of your video (mine were indexed within the first few weeks back in 2008)
  • Get someone else to submit your videos to StumbleUpon but make sure you only submit from each IP address once (or the rating changes to a negative).
  • Choose the right thumbnail (the thumbnail sized image that people first see) is very important … While YouTube once automatically selected the thumbnail from the center of your video, they now give you an option of several, so make sure you hang around to select it before you press the PUBLISH button.
  • Pick a social networking site you are happy with to share your stuff. Spreading yourself around on all the social networking sites doesn’t necessarily get you more attention, yet focusing on one or two that feel good to will surely be reflected in your mood, in what you share on the day and in the type of followers you attract.
  • Use popular Video Sharing Sites. There are quite a few to choose from, and you can find a fairly comprehensive list of them at Mini-Movie-Maker, but without question, YouTube gets the most traffic – fullstop.
  • Find some resources on how to make and edit your own videos
  • Focus on a topic that gets your juices flowing. Some of the things that reliably get attention are, controversial issues, doing something really stupid, accidents, people being humiliated or hurt (sorry, but it’s true), images that cause a shock response, anything bizarre and really different.

The Happy Movie

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Something To Make You Smile

This little mini movie was created quite a while ago in 2008 when I’d only just bought a computer so this was my first venture with Windows Movie Maker. But you can’t take away from the impact that a catchy piece of music and a few happy baby pictures play in lifting up your emotions.

This happy, cute and fun little home made mini-movie shows the different transitions that can be used with the older original versions of Windows Movie Maker. If you still have the old version and want some extra tips, tricks and fixes for the common problems you might encounter, just go to mini-movie-maker.com.

Just recently I needed to make use movie maker again to edit some video footage taken on my Samsung Galaxy S4. So I had to reeducate myself all over again about how to use it properly and make the most of the extra great features and visual effects. Consequently, I found the need to launch all that new information on another website to provide help, solutions and useful tutorials for the NEW versions of Windows LIVE Movie Maker. That one is mini-movie-maker and I’m really pleased with how it’s evolving.

Anyway, for now, I felt like something to life my mood even higher. Enjoy!