Making A Quick Business Promo Video

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When I needed to make a quick promotional mini movie for a local boxing trainer on The Gold Coast yesterday, I used the FREE version of Windows Live Movie Maker and whipped this up in about an hour – pretty good considering I haven’t done any video editing at all since 2008.

Back then, I was making Vision Movies just for fun and learned so much over that time I created a little website to store all the information, tips, fixes for problems and useful articles that I was accumulating as I was playing around. Then a few days ago I found the need to make this Movie in a promotional style, so downloaded the new version of  Windows LIVE Movie Maker (that comes free with the microsoft essentials pack) – and found it to be even better than before.

If I can make a quick, effective, concise, powerful,
useful and meaningful business promo
with Window LIVE Movie Maker …

Yes it could use some fine tuning, but when I saw the fabulous special effect that the “CINEMATIC” auto movie theme gave me after only an hour, I was thrilled to say the least.

TO MAKE THE PROMO CLIP COHESIVE – I applied a black and white effect.

TO KEEP THE VIDEO COMPILATION BALANCED – I made sure the text appeared at the same place on each screen.

TO MAKE THE PRESENTATION MORE POWERFUL – I added a punchy piece of music.



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